Hey there,

I’m Simon.
I love telling stories about humanitarian efforts with NGO’s in developing countries. 
My story really started when I traveled to West Africa and worked on a project building a hospital with my dad. In my senior year of college, I signed up for a photography class…

…and the rest just fell into place. 

There are so many amazing organizations out there doing important work. But, they often struggle to grow because their visual content doesn’t meet many American’s expectations. 
My passion is telling the stories of people & organizations changing lives through expanding access to clean water, health and wellness programs, education, and more. 

What fuels me? Friends, food, cameras, traveling, and of course… my pup. Check out some funky facts about me below!



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Some fun facts:

Hometown: New Hartford, New York

Most Remote Project: Nebobongo, D.R. Congo

Funkiest Foods You've Eaten: Stinky Tofu, Durian, Papaida

Describe Your Craziest Adventure: I don't know if there's a "craziest" but going to the D.R. Congo had the craziest travel. It took 5 days to arrive at our final destination, then 24 hours to get home. Along with 4 plane rides, a super short runway for take off, insanely off the grid living, and the worst roads I've ever experienced it was definitely memorable. 

Favorite Method of Travel: Land Rover Defender on a dirt road

Current Playlist: Check out my Spotify

Inspiration: Seeing people live more sustainable lives in their homes globally.

Describe an unforgettable moment caught on camera:

In 2014 I was able to teach two young adult women how to use a faucet for the first time. This was the first time in these women's lives that they didn't have to work for water as we provided a water system with spigots where they were living. As an American that can't remember when I learned how to do this it greatly impacted me. It shows how privileged we are in First-World Countries.