Founded in 2013, Simon Eisenbach Productions originally was created to serve non-profits in developing countries.  Realizing the impact that his visual storytelling abilities could have on businesses, Simon Eisenbach expanded his services to serve corporate and commercial clients in a diverse range of industries. 



I am a visual storyteller that likes to push creative boundaries.  I do whatever it takes to tell your story, even if it means putting cameras in harm's way. I find the story that will help your organization grow.  My process differentiates by listening to your goals, and building a visual strategy to help you succeed.  I take my time to ensure clients get the best visual product possible, while having a stress-free and enjoyable experience. As a self proclaimed 'travel junkie,’ my global perspective shapes every aspect of my business. I picked up a camera in my senior year of college and my hobby quickly turned into a passion for visual storytelling. Upon returning home from living in Taipei, Taiwan, I began SE Productions to offer businesses & NGOs multimedia growth solutions


Some fun facts:

Hometown: New Hartford, New York


  • AAS Web Design & Management from Mohawk Valley Community College

  • BS Communications from Nyack College

Farthest Destination You've Traveled (From Utica, NY): Bandung, Indonesia

Funkiest Foods You've Eaten: Stinky Tofu, Durian, Papaida

Describe Your Craziest Adventure: I don't know if there's a "craziest" but going to the D.R. Congo had the craziest travel. It took 5 days to arrive at our final destination, then 24 hours to get home. Along with 4 plane rides, a super short runway for take off, insanely off the grid living, and the worst roads I've ever experienced it was definitely memorable. 

Favorite Method of Travel: Land Rover Defender on a dirt road

Current Playlist: Check out my Spotify

Inspiration: Seeing people live more sustainable lives in their homes globally.

Describe an unforgettable moment caught on camera:

In 2014 I was able to teach two young adult women how to use a faucet for the first time. This was the first time in these women's lives that they didn't have to work for water as we provided a water system with spigots where they were living. As an American that can't remember when I learned how to do this it greatly impacted me. It shows how privileged we are in First-World Countries.

Where I’ve worked