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Founded in 2013, Simon Eisenbach Productions originally was created to serve non-profits in developing countries.  Realizing the impact that his visual storytelling abilities could have on businesses, Simon Eisenbach expanded his services to serve corporate and commercial clients in a diverse range of industries. 

Who We Are

We are visual storytellers that push creative boundaries.  We do whatever it takes to tell your story, even if it means putting cameras in harm's way.

We find the story that will help your company grow.  Our process differentiates by listening to your goals, and building a visual strategy to help you succeed.  We take our time to ensure our clients get the best visual product possible, while having a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

At SE Productions, we integrate your vision into our production.  Located in Utica, New York, our state-of-the-art facility creates a space for our clients to have an interactive experience with their production.  Our office space allows clients to sit side-by-side with our team and make real-time edits on their projects.

Meet The Team

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Simon Eisenbach, Founder

A self proclaimed 'travel junkie,' Simon Eisenbach's global perspective shapes every aspect of his company.  A native of New Hartford, New York, Simon is a graduate of Mohawk Valley Community College and Nyack College.  Picking up a camera in his senior year of college, his hobby quickly turned into a passion for visual storytelling.  Moving to Asia for an opportunity to pursue photo/video in Taiwan, his experience made him realize his appreciation for his Central New York roots.  Upon returning home, he began SE Productions to offer businesses multimedia growth solutions

In his own words:

Farthest Destination You've Traveled: Bandung, Indonesia

Funkiest Food You've Eaten: Stinky Tofu

Describe Your Craziest Adventure:

Favorite Method of Travel: Land Rover Defender on a dirt road

Playlist: Movie Sountracks- Gladiator & John Wick currently

Inspiration: Being able to have a global impact while growing my local community.

Describe an unforgettable moment caught on camera:

In 2014 I was able to teach two young adult women how to use a faucet for the first time. This was the first time in these women's lives that they didn't have to work for water as we provided a water system with spigots where they were living. As an American that can't remember when I learned how to do this it greatly impacted me. It shows how privileged we are in First-World Countries.


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Mark Simon

After spending a majority of his career in nightclubs and concert venues working as a visual marketer, Mark Simon's pace and focus have shifted to tell a much different story. Originally from Hackettstown, New Jersey, Mark came to the Utica area as a student at the now SUNY Polytechnic Institute in 2007. Completely self taught, Mark spent numerous years as a resident photographer in the top entertainment destinations in Central New York, compacting a few hours of events into single images that tell the story words never could. Desiring a new challenge, Mark began working with Simon Eisenbach Productions in June 2016 and has been glad to expand his storytelling ability in new directions.

In his own words:

Farthest Destination You've Traveled: I've been all over the continental US and Canada, but not much further. I photographed a wedding in Cancun in October; I do not advise visiting Cancun in October. Grand Cayman Island has to be my favorite destination though.

Funkiest Food You've Eaten: Blowfish at a Sushi Bar in Miami. Very scary, especially signing the waiver. Sea Urchin is pretty gnarly, too. Chocolate covered insects are up there also, but those are more gags than anything. 

Describe Your Craziest Adventure: Whitewater Rafting down the Canadian portion of the Colorado River. I insisted on having the head seat, and rode the nose of the boat while going through a set. Riding the nose means standing on the front nose of the boat while holding on with one hand to a rope. It's like riding a bull that's going through Class III rapids.

Favorite Method of Travel: I'm a big fan of planes. I'm also one of those people who insist on driving, even if not in my car. I would also like to own one of those salt flat, land speed record cars from the 1960s so I could casually drive it around Utica.

Playlist: my musical tastes are all over. I listen to a lot of Electronic(Above and Beyond, Flosstradamus, Diplo, Tiesto, Bro Safari), Jam Bands(moe, Umphreys McGee, Twiddle, Lotus), and some NuFunk, such as Turkuaz. My moods change frequently so my music tastes are dictated by my mood mostly. I also find that all instrumental music allows me to focus far better.

Inspiration:  I originally got into photography to try to impress a girl, but over the years the idea of being able to personify an entire event or concert in one single image, hooked me. The perspective that photography has forced me to see the world in has led me to see things that I would never have seen otherwise, and I think that a lot of my decisions in life have come from being able to look at life in a new perspective.