Case Study- The Root Farm

In the early stages of a project you have great ambitions for the content being created to have a huge success. At the same time you never know quite how people will receive it as the types of content which are getting lots of attention is always changing.

Will this project last? Will the client achieve the goals they set out to? How many people will we actually get their business in front of? Are all types of questions that keep me up at night thinking about exciting new opportunities to help a business grow. 

In 2017 we lead a team of creatives overhauling The Root Farm’s marketing efforts. This included photo/video, website, branding guideline, brand voice, and more. Early on we sat with our good friends over at FMN Creative looking at what the farm’s goal was as a result of the project along with how we could get them there. We knew social media was going to be the best bang for their buck when it comes to getting the content out in front of people (more on this over on FMN’s blog). 

This project wasn’t going to be a one video type deal from the beginning, but we also knew there had to be one centerpiece that really stood out and showed people everything The Root Farm has to offer. Combining this with a few others highlighting different programs they run & the impact they have on not only the rider’s lives but also the staff & volunteers was crucial to the overall success.

After a few long months of capturing everything at the farm (which was constantly changing), we finally had the video… The one that made people tear up seeing all the impact right in front of them… The one that blew people away when they realized all that was available right here in Central New York… The one that showcased many lives changed by a few determined people…

Albeit a bit behind our anticipated launch date, we launched our first campaign on December 21, 2017. Launching a major campaign that has nothing to do with Christmas just 4 days before one of the biggest holidays each year… Madness.

However the story told far outweighed the timing of our launch. In the first week there over 45,000 views, 500 reactions, and 150 shares on facebook. After the first month, the views were over 200,000!! 

We will leave FMN to get into more detail on how we put the content out, but WOW the response was incredible. However I will say that after a month we didn’t even spend the entire budget set for this campaign. This blew the client out of the water seeing the response they got from their campaign.

Will every project get this response? Nope. However it goes to show that pairing quality content with a smart strategy will very much increase the possibility of success of a campaign leading to business growth.

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