What's in my Bag?!

Ever wonder what goes into the bags on a “light” project overeats?? I have a tendency to pack “pretty heavy” heading overseas on a project. However once I hit base camp it lightens up pretty quick as some equipment is just brought over for redundancy. Since there’s no way to get replacement gear if something breaks I need to bring along two of every absolutely necessary tool (i’d ideally have three of each). This gets pretty bulky capturing both photo and video. That being said, with intentional gear selection I’ve been able to get all my necessities into two carry-on bags.



Sony PXW-Fs5, a7riii, a7iii & rx100v
DJI Mavic Pro

There’s something about Sony cameras that they just continue working while being small & lightweight making them perfect for working off the grid. The third generation of a7 cameras have all the right features making them a true pro camera. The a7iii is my favorite all around camera at the moment.


Sony- 16-35 f4, 18-105 f4, 24-105 f4, 90mm f2.8 macro & 70-200 f2.8
Rokinon Cine DS- 24 t1.5, 35 t1.5 & 85 t1.5

When it comes to lens selection I’m a huge advocate of carrying at least 2 lenses at my must have focal lengths. I took a tip from Corey Rich mixing prime and zoom lenses that way I’m not carrying exact duplicates which creates a little more flexibility in the kit. While I love the longer focus throws of the Rokinon lenses, the lack of weather sealing has gotten me into some sticky situations.


Rode NTG 4+ & VideoMicro
Zoom F1 & stereo shotgun capsule
Sennheiser G3 wireless system
Rycote Deadcat & shock mount
Shure headphones

Finding myself in a wide variety of situations while needing to be ready on a moment’s notice this kit has really helped solidify things. The NTG 4+ and wireless system stay on my Fs5, while the zoom f1 comes in clutch as a back up lav mic & ambient sound capture device with the stereo shotgun capsule.


Aputure F7(x2)
Litra Pro

When it comes to lighting I typically stay ultra light while traveling. These three lights paired with the ISO capabilities of the a7iii can get me through most situations. Plus, the F7s only require sony NPF batteries which is much less to carry than V mount/Gold mount batteries.


Thinktank Photo Airport International 2.0
Fstopgear Lotus

I’ve been traveling with the Airport International since 2011. It’s a beastly bag which has taken all sorts of beatings and still looks almost brand new. Usually it stays at base camp when I get to a location, and carries the bigger items/redundancies not needed all the time. The Fstop gear lotus has been a great addition allowing me to carry all the daily necessities on my back & rig the Fs5 off a shoulder strap so I’m always ready to film.


Atomos Shinobi
Peak Design Straps
Tiffin Variable ND filters
Thinktank Photo Emergency Raincover (medium), red whips, and memory card wallets
Manfrotto mini tripod
Eddie Bauer Cloud Cap Raincoat
Black Diamond headlamp