Hey, Philly!

Well... The move happened in what I would call an overall successful manner. Packing everything was pretty simple and straight forward with help from a couple people... adult Tetris is not nearly as fun! The drive down, however, was less than stellar. The tow dolly straps kept coming loose causing extra stops thus taking longer. Of course, having to empty the truck was only possible thanks to my (new in real life) friend Richie.

It's slowly coming together here & I focused on getting the living spaces set up first so that i'd be able to feel like it's home even though everything is still new. The office is the next project & I plan on posting the setup soon so stay tuned for that!

Everything still feels weird, but I'm trying to get back into a routine quickly. I'm trying out two different crossfit gyms over the next few weeks to see which one I'll end up joining. Of course with that it's been my usual early morning work out, followed by my same routine of Sportscenter's Top 10, Shower, Breakfast, then coffee & get into the day. This has definitely already helped give some resemblance of home.

I've been using my Ridgid power tools a lot setting stuff back up ;) along with my rx100v & insta360 one X.

In trying to re-build routine, I've already gone back to my breakfast staple of eggs, peppers/onion/potatoes, then PB&J for lunch, and trying out local eateries for dinner. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

I’m trying to post the play by play on the Instagram- if you’re not following me there, head over & check out a story or two! @simoneisenbach