Multimedia Marketing | The Why & The How

Did you know that the average attention span of an American is now less than 2 minutes? Although we should be embarrassed by this, we have to change the way we communicate to audiences that can’t sit still & at attention for very long. 

Enter multimedia marketing. Multimedia marketing allows for the constant output of information through varying channels. Seems simple, right? Because our attention spans call for an incredible over-stimulation of our brains in order to receive new information, we now need the change up. 

Options like Facebook Remarketing are becoming a key way to reach out to new audiences by reaching into what they’re already focused on. 

Social media is a 24 hour job. Just think about it. What do you do in these situations: Waiting in traffic? Scroll social. Waiting in line at Wegmans? Scroll social. Dinner out? Look around & even if it’s not you, someone will be scrolling social. Insomnia? Scroll social. How much time do you spend on social media? The iPhone now counts it for you… 

The trends in social media are staggering. More people are on facebook in total numbers, but people spend more intentional time on instagram. With the rise of instagram stories, actual posts are becoming a thing of the past, unless you’re planning out the aesthetic of your instagram grid.

Anyone remember VINE? Somehow we’re returning to that mentality with the rise of snapchat & instagram stories. (Sidenote: how did Vine disappear as quickly as it appeared? Also, remember when that was a foreign concept?!) Get me the information I need in 6 seconds or less or you’re subjected to the left swipe. Yikes… 

So, now that we’ve covered the WHY, let’s tackle the rest of the Wh- questions through the HOW? How does that affect creatives in the photo/video world?

WHO |  Examine your audience. What do your current followers want to see? What are the trends they’re following? Ask around & get feedback as much as possible. 

WHAT | What do you want them to see? What problem do you solve? What do you offer & why is the best option? Make sure you have the heartbeat behind your brand visible & sewn throughout all of your outward facing communications!

WHEN | Check out the social analytics that are provided for you through business accounts! Use the FREE resources you have, track it & adjust!

WHERE | Which channels & which content give you the biggest return? I would highly suggest only rolling out avenues that you have enough content for. It’s better to do a few things well than to do many things but none of them with excellence. 

You’ll quickly see that Multimedia Marketing is worth the investment, & it can quickly become overwhelming. For me personally, I love working with clients & orgs that need high quality images, video, & other content to keep their social channels up to date, relevant, & engaging. If you’re looking for a collaboration on a project, or you want to grab coffee or jump on a call to consider how to take your marketing to the next level, get in touch! 

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