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Founded in 2013, Simon Eisenbach Productions originally was created to serve non-profits in developing countries.  Realizing the impact that his visual storytelling abilities could have on businesses, Simon Eisenbach expanded his services to serve corporate and commercial clients in a diverse range of industries. 

Who We Are

We are visual storytellers that push creative boundaries.  We do whatever it takes to tell your story, even if it means putting cameras in harm's way.

We find the story that will help your company grow.  Our process differentiates by listening to your goals, and building a visual strategy to help you succeed.  We take our time to ensure our clients get the best visual product possible, while having a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

At SE Productions, we integrate your vision into our production.  Located in Utica, New York, our state-of-the-art facility creates a space for our clients to have an interactive experience with their production.  Our office space allows clients to sit side-by-side with our team and make real-time edits on their projects.

Meet The Team

Simon Eisenbach, Founder

A self proclaimed 'travel junkie,' Simon Eisenbach's global perspective shapes every aspect of his company.  A native of New Hartford, New York, Simon is a graduate of Mohawk Valley Community College and Nyack College.  Picking up a camera in his senior year of college, his hobby quickly turned into a passion for visual storytelling.  Moving to Asia for an opportunity to pursue photo/video in Taiwan, his experience made him realize his appreciation for his Central New York roots.  Upon returning home, he began SE Productions to offer businesses multimedia growth solutions

In his own words:

Farthest Destination You've Traveled: Bandung, Indonesia

Funkiest Food You've Eaten: Stinky Tofu

Describe Your Craziest Adventure: I don't know if there's a "craziest" but going to the D.R. Congo had the craziest travel. It took 5 days to arrive at our final destination, then 24 hours to get home. Along with 4 plane rides, a super short runway for take off, insanely off the grid living, and the worst roads I've ever experienced it was definitely memorable. 

Favorite Method of Travel: Land Rover Defender on a dirt road

Playlist: Movie Sountracks- Gladiator & John Wick currently

Inspiration: Being able to have a global impact while growing my local community.

Describe an unforgettable moment caught on camera:

In 2014 I was able to teach two young adult women how to use a faucet for the first time. This was the first time in these women's lives that they didn't have to work for water as we provided a water system with spigots where they were living. As an American that can't remember when I learned how to do this it greatly impacted me. It shows how privileged we are in First-World Countries.

Ben Greco, Assistant/Editor

Ben initially joined the team in 2016 as an intern before studying abroad in Germany. He proved his abilities & work ethic during that time which gave him the opportunity to re-join the team in spring 2017 assisting on location & with finishing renovations at the studio.

In his own words:

Farthest Destination You've Traveled: Berlin, Germany

Funkiest Food You've Eaten: Ants

Describe Your Craziest Adventure: My first trip to Nicaragua when I was 17. I had no idea what to expect, and went alone with my friend who was only 18 at the time.

Favorite Method of Travel: Trains for aesthetic, but planes are better

Playlist: Talking Heads, Johnny Cash, St. Vincent, Alexandre Desplat, Calle 13, David Bowie at the moment

Inspiration: I'm inspired when I see people doing something that they're clearly really passionate about. It's infectious and makes me want to get out and do stuff.

Describe an unforgettable moment caught on camera:

While in Nicaragua, we visited the homes of people who live and work a trash dump. A lot of the footage I got there I'll remember forever. One of the families there was completely out of food, so we took their 7 year old daughter back to the school for the night to feed her. I have a shot where she's looking out the car window and sort of muttering to herself. I don't know why but that shot has stuck with me the most.

Chips Eisenbach, Chief Break-Time Officer

Chips joined the team in April 2016. She instantly became a very important part of the team keeping Simon in check so he doesn't stare at a computer screen for 24 hours straight. She has settled into her role well adapting to the new office space along with her 3 key sleeping locations depending on the time of day.

In her own words:

Farthest Destination You've Traveled: Alabama

Funkiest Food You've Eaten: Frozen chicken

Describe Your Craziest Adventure: The first two years of my life involved running in big circles chasing a bunny. However my dad loves taking me on road trips all over the north east. We tend to go to grandma's a lot where I try to chase chipmunks that taunt me out the window.

Favorite Method of Travel: Mini Van- my dog bed in the back is wonderful

Playlist: Whatever dad makes me listen to

Inspiration: Naptime

Describe an unforgettable moment caught on camera:

This one time I was soooo tired from running at the park that dad caught me in full on derp mode with my tongue completely out of my mouth while I was sleeping... It's a good thing i'm cute because the pile of drool he had to clean up was grossssss.

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