2017 Recap!!

Wait… 2017 is already over?! Wow it’s been one crazy year with lots of adventures, projects, and growing businesses which we have had the pleasure of helping. Recently we took a few minutes to look back at everything that happened in 2017, and well… let’s just say there’s a LOT!

Overall 2017 Stats:

  • 124 videos delivered

  • 1,583 photos delivered

  • 35 different clients (25 new clients)

  • Became a sponsor of the Boilermaker Road Race

  • Finalist Greater Utica Chamber Business of the Year Awards

  • 2 Humanitarian projects in D.R. Congo, Senegal, and Uganda

With so much going on we figured it would be fitting to bring you along a bit deeper on a few of the bigger projects. Some notable mentions include:


Boilermaker Road Race:

In early 2017, we partnered with the Boilermaker to refresh all of their PSAs for higher level sponsors. This included going to 23 different locations to film each sponsors video. We managed to capture 13 of these in 5 business days going all over Oneida County, and even down to Norwich. Our goal was to create a new fresh look that will last 2-3 years with slight changes in the graphics each year. 


E4 Project:

This project technically started in 2016 with a large amount of logistics and pre-production going into bringing a small team to Nebobongo, D.R. Congo. It wasn’t a project we could just bring anyone onto because of its extremely remote location. Just getting to/from the village took about 30 hours of travel on both jumbo jets and tiny bush planes. Originally the project was supposed to happen in January 2017, but due to Visa acquisition issues ended up getting delayed until Feb/March 2017. Dane from Greenz Productions came along as a second shooter for this project & really helped bring the details to life. We spent 9 days in the village capturing content which will be used over the next 4-5 years by E4 Project to do fundraising for many new projects they will be starting. We were capturing about 200gb of data a day shooting only 1080p video as we ran into some technical issues forcing us to shoot a certain way.

Originally we were supposed to have access to a large solar array for charging our gear. Upon our arrival we were informed that the transformer for this set up was sent with the wrong wiring diagram and wouldn’t be at our disposal. This limited our ability to charge equipment.  We were only able to charge each laptop, and camera batteries once per day. Offloading & backing up data took about 80% of our battery life on the laptops, limiting our ability to review footage. It also meant we weren’t able to use our DJI Ronin-M, as we couldn’t re-charge the battery.

We have already delivered 5 videos to E4 Project along with a large image library which they have begun to use. They’ve fundraised over $30,000 and counting using the media we created for them so far.


Root Farm:

Jeremy Earl, the Executive Director of The Root Farm, came to us with a very ambitious project wanting to completely overhaul The Root Farm’s visual brand presence. Everything from website to photo/video, including developing a brand voice for print and digital content would be updated. We put together a team of our strategic creative partners to help us accomplish this project. Early in 2018, we will be doing a deeper dive into this project so check back for that!


Mohawk Valley EDGE:

This was our third year helping EDGE with their Leading EDGE Awards. Every year we tweak things a little to improve upon the previous year. There were six award winners coming from very different backgrounds in our community. To help the 2017 class stand out from past years we introduced some slow-motion footage, RC camera car, and lighting tricks into the mix where it fit well.