Bye Bye Nikon. Hello Sony!

While we have been using Sony cameras for 2 years now, it has always been mixed with our existing Nikon kit. Using a variety of lens adapters & such pairing Nikon lenses onto the Sony cameras. The time has come to finally make a full switch to the Sony ecosystem. There's a few major reasons why we are jumping ship.

1- Easier workflow- Being able to set up all our cameras to have a similar look has already started making it easier to match shots from multiple cameras.

2- Pro Support- Over the last few years Nikon's once solid professional services has been making changes requiring constant gear updates as they began de-valuing gear more quickly than the IRS. Also, Sony gives 3 camera body cleanings into the small introductory price you have to pay with some other great features. Sony also has people you can call and know who you're talking to right away.

3- GAS- While trying to maintain two different camera systems the amount of equipment we had in the office was getting a bit ridiculous (yes it's weird coming from a company that's always upgrading/adding tools). 

So 2018 begins with a major shift that will allow us to work more efficiently & help our clients grow even faster. We are really looking forward to what's in store so be sure to stay tuned!